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ролевая, переводы, фанарт, полезные ссылки, фанфики
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 Хронология Ториблы

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Monica Argento

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Порылась на торибловском сообществе, нашла массу полезной информации, в том числе и это, принисенное TArano

The ages are taken from the Canon book

3021 AD Havel is born
3023 AD William is born
3029 AD Francesco is born
3031 AD Leon & Kate are born
3032 AD Hugue is born
3034 AD Petros is born
3036 AD Caterina is born at Milan. Paula is born at Krakow. Prof Zebetto Garibaldi begins to formulate his ideas for the creation of cyborg soldiers, named the HC series. Cloning begins.
3042 AD Dietrich is born
3044 AD Alessandro is born
3045 AD Esther is born at Albion kingdom.

3055 AD Caterina is 19.
- Feb, Pope Gregorio the 30th passes away.
- Mar, Papal elections - Caterina is made Head of State Affairs branch, Francesco is the Head of Doctrine
- Apr, failed rebellion by Bishop Garibaldi. He had Castle of San Angelo captured by his HC cyborgs. Commits suicide in the end. Able and Caterina manages to hijack one of the cyborg soldiers, HC-IIIX. IIX is taken by the Inquisition.
- May, Ax is formed. Initial members - Krusnick, Know Faith, Gunslinger, Professor, Iron Maiden & Sword Dancer.

3056 AD Mistress; Noelle Boer joins the Ax.
3058 AD Dandelion; Leon Garcia joins the Ax.
3059 AD Noelle leaves the Ax.

3060 AD Caterina is 24.
- Jan, Airship Tristan is hijacked (RAM I).
- May, Noelle dies in Barcelona.
- Oct, Havel dies (aged 39)

3061 AD Ax battles the RCO at Vienna. Ax battleship, Iron Maiden is destroyed. Iron Maiden II goes into commision.

3062 AD Caterina is 26. Esther is 17.
- Nov, Star of Sorrow incident (ROM I)

3063 AD Feb, Esther leaves for Rome.
3064 AD May, Esther is crowned Queen of Albion (ROM VI)

So by the end of ROM VI, Caterina is 28 & Esther is 19. From that we can estimate everyone's ages accordingly.
William 41, Francesco 35, Kate & Leon 33, Hugue 32, Petros 30, Paula 28, Dietrich 22 & Alessandro 20.

As for the Krusnicks
2085 AD Lilith is born.
2088 AD Cain & Abel are born.
2098 AD Seth is born.

by the end of ROM VI, Cain and Abel are 976 years old & Seth is 966 years old. Lilith dies in 2220 AD and she was 135 years old.
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